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Shiya T.

Ms. Evelyn needs to add Miracle Worker to her qualifications! When I feel like my hair is on point, I’m ready to conquer the world. And the best thing’s undetectable! No one would ever know I have extensions, unless I physically showed it to them... that’s how great of a job Ms. Evelyn does! It’s been 2 & 1/2 years since I was a client and I can’t imagine my life without my extensions. I feel like it’s literally a part of my body. That’s why I drive all the way from Broward County, because there is no one out there better than Ms. Evelyn!



I feel more than blessed to be part of the long list of clients.  For many years Evelyn has treated my hair with their exclusive products, treatments, hair extensions and of course styles that I can change without mistreating my hair before any process.

Love my hair salon



Evelyn thank you so much for helping me with my have given me back my life!  Suffering from Global Alopecia is a life changing experience and I don't know what I would without you!  You have changed my life.  Every day was a struggle with my thinning and baldness. Your expertise and knowledge have been a blessing to me., not only that but your kindness to help people like me it is a true honor to have you in my life.


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